Cricket Carishma! A Journey of YouTube Channel Growth Organically


Cricket Carishma! A Journey of YouTube Channel Growth Organically


The ‘Cricket Carishma’ YouTube channel was launched on December 3, 2022, with a vision to share engaging cricket content with the world. Initially, the focus was on consistency, video optimization, length, engaging content, and click-worthy thumbnails.


Despite the initial efforts, there were several challenges:

❌Understanding how to gain subscribers and leverage analytics.

❌Realizing the significance of subscribers in channel monetization.

❌Lack of knowledge about channel analytics, optimization, and branding.

❌Treating YouTube solely as a social media platform.


  • During this period, daily one video was posted, driven by the importance of consistency.
  • The focus was mainly on gaining more subscribers during this initial phase.

Optimization Strategies

Through dedicated efforts and analytics insights:

✅Recognized the purpose of each video, whether it targeted YouTube search or browsing features (recommendations).

✅Identified the best times to upload content, ensuring maximum visibility.

✅Shifted to a schedule of two videos per week, prioritizing quality over quantity.

✅Crafted eye-catching thumbnails and compelling content to attract viewers.

✅Strived for a Click-Through Rate (CTR) surpassing 8% and an engagement time exceeding 28%.

Note:- As a result of these strategies, videos gained more views and engagement, contributing to the overall success of the Cricket Carishma channel.


From 200 to 7,000 subscribers, the channel witnessed substantial growth.

🎯Subscribers served as an initial boost for views.

🎯Emphasized the importance of views in long-term monetization.

Understanding the YouTube Revenue Model

YouTube creators earn revenue primarily through advertisements displayed in their videos. The amount of revenue generated depends on various factors, including video duration, viewer engagement, and advertiser demand.

Here’s a breakdown of the revenue model experienced in this channel:

Estimated Earnings- On average, Cricket Carishma earned around 15,000 INR to 18,000 INR per 1 million views, depending on ad placement and audience demographics.

Increased Revenue with Longer Videos- By extending video duration from 3-4 minutes to 8 minutes, creators can incorporate multiple ad placements. This strategy effectively doubled the earning potential in our case, resulting in approximately 30,000 INR per month for 1 million views.

  • The key to maximizing earnings lies in understanding the YouTube algorithm and optimizing content for viewer retention and engagement.
  • Longer videos with more ad placements tend to yield higher revenue, making them a strategic choice for creators aiming to monetize their channels effectively.

Key Takeaways

The journey from inception to 7,000 subscribers showcased the impact of strategic optimisation and content quality on YouTube channel growth and monetization.

  • Face-based content contributes to authenticity and higher earnings.
  • Understanding the dynamics of subscribers, views, and engagement proves pivotal in revenue generation.

Focus on quality content, strategic optimization, and understanding viewer behaviour to achieve sustainable YouTube channel growth and monetization.

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